Awesome Basics and Important Charasteristics of Android Technology

Android Technology

Basics of Android

The term "Android" represents an open source technology which was built in order to cater to a huge range of devices. It offers a brimming reservoir of mobile applications to end users. Android OS is designed and built upon Linux kernel. Apart from these, Android is known to be utilizing a customized virtual digital machine which is adept in optimally utilizing memory and hardware resources. Android is suitably designed to accommodate evolving technological assets and acclimatizes to new trends and patterns. Android as a technology evolves and extends itself matching the needs and aspirations of changing times. 

3 Superb SEO Strategies to Beat Competitors in 2015

Killer SEO Tools and Tips

How to beat competitors with Killer SEO Strategy

SEO, by the very definition, suggests and lays emphasis on the fact that search results appear on the basis of page rankings. It is thus obvious that these results get directly influenced by the actions of your competitors who are in quest for better page ranks. If you are targeting a place right in the cockpit against a set of competing keywords, your SEO strategies certainly ought to be more creative than several others. y all means, it should be potent enough to generate better results as compared to those of your competitors. This observation holds ground for both contents and inbound links. 

What is Online Affiliation and Affiliate Marketing - A Candid Analysis

Affiliate Marketing Basics Tips and Tricks
Affiliation is a new vibrant web marketing opportunity which is getting greatly widespread these day as a unique opportunity for online money making. It allows an affiliate or a publisher to earn his commission as he promotes and makes successful sales of  products and services that are available at a merchant's site. Publishers can get connected or affiliated with a merchant's e-commerce website and selects opportunities that he can work upon. There are several criterions based on which an affiliate can select a particular merchant and the products and services available with it. For truly understanding the core concept of affiliation, it is important to have a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the complete lifecycle of affiliate marketing. Several marketers know very little about the history of this marketing technique which is of paramount importance, especially to understand this subject and for utilizing it to the brim.

Top 10 Killer Tips and Tricks for SEO in 2015

Top Tips and Tricks for SEO in 2015
We have already spent a good part of 2015 analyzing the better-known approaches for great SEO at our blog. Now it is high time that we formally consolidate all the tips and tricks in one place. We shall discuss here, the best practices that can be adopted for securing better positioned in the SERP with top search engines like Google, Bing or Ask. We will be ascertaining methods for working with SEO to get fantastic results. So, let us finally summarize the top 10 tips for your SEO worth paying attention to in the year 2015. As you peruse  through these, you shall be having an insight of how SEO stands currently and a few concurrent measures useful for keeping pace with some changing equations.

Email Marketing: Pricing and Review and Aweber vs Getresponse - Comparison in 2014

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Getresponse is usually considered a marginal winner over Aweber on pricing at the beginner level. It is particularly so if you are working with a list having less than 1000 email addresses. A mailing list of up to 1000 email addresses costs $15 with Getresponse while it costs $29 with Aweber. There is less of a difference as your list expands.

Hosting 25,000 email addresses with Getresponse costs $145; Aweber charges $149 for this quantity. Although the intermediate plans are generally cheaper with Getresponse.

Roger Federer loses 2014 US Open semis to Cilic

Roger Federer loses at US Open semis to Cilic
Roger Federer loses at US Open semis to Cilic and several hearts break tonight as fans following the ageing champ wonder if the master can win another Slam. When Federer claimed the Wimbledon title of 2012, it was closure to a couple of years of drought and wait for a Slam title. Ever since the Australian Open of 2010, his fan club had been desperate for that moment. There was truly a purple patch between 2003 and 2010 when victory had become almost synonymous with Federer. Now that his well wishers are certainly recognizing that the classy player is not quite the young campaigner that he used, they are possibly coming to terms with the hard reality.

Heartbreak for Argentina in samba land: What Next

Heartbreak for Argentina
It was a dream for millions of Argentines and aspiration of countless supporters of the great South American footballing nation to regain the coveted trophy in the land of samba and soccer. They have been keenly awaiting this ever since the great Maradona inspired and dazzled the world with his astonishing brilliance and brought home the glories from the FIFA World Cup of nineteen eighty six. These past three decades have seen myriads of Argentine hearts throbbing to recapture the biggest prize that the game knows. And what a day this could have been, had it not been for that dreaded goal by the outstanding German striker Mario Gotze. Even their favorite son Sergio Romero could not save the day for the Latin Americans as the short and stout German pummel the ball into the Argentine goalpost. Tears rolled down the cheeks of thousands of Messi lovers who were so sure this day that their Messiah will make it count on this massive occasion. 

Booming Android Technology and Key Differentiators

Android specifically refers to a mobile based technology which is based on Linux kernel. It primarily refers to an open source operating system based technology which is developed by Google. Android being open source provides the flexibility of downloading the source code and even modifying it. This implies that the hardware manufacturers can use the base level Android code and thereafter add their own proprietary based features to execute on their devices. Such Android open source modifications are sometimes referred to as add-ons, skins or overlays. Such an overlay which is used in Samsung phones is called TouchWiz whereas those used in HTC and Motorola are called Sense UI and MotoBlur respectively. Using these skins, the different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can add their own cosmetics and effect to Android smartphones and tablets.

Top Reasons and Features that make Windows Phone truly Appealing

It was only when I got to try my friend's phone which impressed me so thoroughly, that I was compelled to ask him if it another android OS based gadget which we have got so used to. This Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet rather turned out to be a Windows 8.1 operating system with 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z3740D quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB. Man! I was awe really amazed at the features and before I could utter any word by friend pointed out the cost which was far cheaper than I would have expected for a phone laden with such exciting features. Microsoft has always been known for finesse and cosmetics which it has ingrained on it tabs and phones so beautifully. Another day, when I got a chance of stopping by a shop, I inquired about this tab but came to know that it was out of stock. So, instead I got to evaluate another comparatively cheaper version of a Dell MS tab, which is called Dell Venue 8 Tablet. Its was cost nearly half the rate of the Pro version and I was taken aback by the astounding pricing again.

Top Three Killer SEO tricks for YouTube videos

As the popularity of YouTube is continuously on the rise, the technical SEO for YouTube videos is a topic worth discussing and holds certain significance. We open an interesting chapter in the enthralling realm of SEO on digital videos, which for a reasonable stretch of time, are making substantial information globally available. Initially let us focus our efforts on optimizing videos to obtain organic traffic on the targeted YouTube channel. Some beginners initially develop the notion that marketing with videos is something out of this world. Several do talk about viral videos that mystically transform themselves into a cult. Videos from famous figures like Eminem, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez startle us with the gigantic number of hits that they attract.