Five SEO tips and tricks for Blogs

Google has taken us much beyond the sullen ages of the Yellow Pages. Several companies that hardly made much of an impact are now several times larger because of prudent us of Google. Some of these have gone on and hired SEO based companies and others have persevered and outraced their competitor websites. Some people at certain occasions even rank first as a lucky outcome. They simply had designed a website long time ago by releasing some information and time did the remaining of the work for them. We shall discuss here five SEO related secrets that can be used for blogs and which generally have been holding well in tried and tested scenarios. These secrets are no recipes for guaranteeing you a first organicrank, but there is ample scope for further considerations. However, these tips will definitely make a significant difference if applied judiciously.

Meta Keywords and submitting to Google is not mandatory anymore

Equations are changing, the rules are getting rewritten. Meta keywords will hardly help you anymore and you do not need to submit your site to Google, rather they will reach out and find it.

Do not try over-optimization on your Blog

If a prevailing understanding of SEO is to write a page and put in a keyword in a repeated fashion for many times, it needs rethinking in the evolving world of SEO. You should make your content and back links look natural. Write your posts for your visitors and never for the search engines. A great blog with seamless and useful information flow is likely to get much more hits than an on-site optimized blog.

Target keywords on a single page

Choose a main keyword and then think of a few modifiers keywords. Go for five to ten keywords tentatively. To cite an example, if your main keyword is SEO, then append the words before and after it to target secondary keywords as well. Some of these keywords might be Utilize SEO Sensibly and Use SEO Techniques. Note that these keywords sandwich the main keyword in between.

Get links from social media sites

The advantage of using social media sites is that most of them have credible authority and trust. Links to such sites are making a lot of sense. These sites can help improving your ratings substantially. Some of these sites are NewsVine, HubPages, Twitter and KillerStartups. Do not neglect the sanctum sanctorum of these link sources. It is difficult to understand how so many people overlook this option. The best place to start figuring out links is your kith and kin. We all can find out such friends and relatives with blogs or websites. Make sure that your business has such suppliers. Ask these people to link to you as one of their customers. Request your customers to link to you. Also request the organizations with which you might be working. Consider reaching out to the libraries in your city, or the local universities, and colleges.

Content is King

Keep this in mind that people love a link to worthy looking content. They do not like linking to commercial sites as much. So compose meaningful content and become a destination where people want to reach out and get information from. If your information makes sense, many people in will be excited to subscribe to their lists of useful resources.