Game for Donning Samsung Gear Fit Health Bracelet?

Samsung Gear Fit Health Bracelet
Samsung Bracelet Gear Fit surely came as a real good surprise for many at the Samsung Unpacked 2014 episode 1 event, which was held at the Mobile World Congress 2014. This gave an immediate insight into the smart fitness gadget from the ace electronics multinational. Indeed many would have expected the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S5 phone at the event. Who would have expected to witness the presentation of a health bracelet rather, something that would compete with the likes of Sony Smartwear, Nike Fuelband, or many other activity tracker bracelets that are available for purchase at retail outlets? At a juncture where the wearable bracelets market is beginning to take off, the Samsung Gear Fit is one step ahead and makes impact on prospective users. 
When some bracelets provide fairly enriched and direct information, Samsung offers a color touch screen allowing you to view information of value such as time, date, and your heart rate or notifications from your phone using a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Gear Fit is compatible with twenty galaxy devices. The gadgets is looking to redefine the category and is different from other health bands that are available. The strap also has a consistent performer in ANT + which allows synchronization with other health sensors. The data collected by the bracelet are communicated to the S Health application found in many Galaxy phones and supports you in following your daily routine. This compatibility of the gadget is only with the Samsung Galaxy phones shows that the manufacturer is creating a strong ecosystem around the Galaxy mobile phones. This lack of openness to other phones can be a drag but there are chances that by the time when Apple enters the market, this product will also be compatible with iPhones. When compared to gadgets like Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smart watches, these are lighter and than the Gear Fit fitness band with health being the focus and the domain of the new entrant. Samsung is also flaunting the various aspects in which its fitness band outsmarts other competitors in the zone. It provides for interaction with the smart phone and allows notifications, call rejection facility as well as playing out music. These features combined almost establish it in the whereabouts of smart watches.

With 1.84 inches of curved, super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display and as good as a 432 x 128 pixels of resolution this Samsung gear has a set of enviable and rich features. It weighs only 27 grams. Add to it a sleep monitor, a pedometer and a heart rate monitor and those combined together go on to make a device worth taunting. As if these were not enough, in-built functions like exercise mode, timer, stopwatch, fitness app, and media controller are also available. Apart from these, the users do get active SMS alerts, e-mail, calls and noteworthy applications when you they purchase a Gear Fit. These days dust and water resistance IP67 certification are much sought after which the Gear Fit gadget does not forget to include. Also there is Bluetooth 4.0 low energy wireless connectivity enablement done. With an accelerometer and a gyroscope, the Samsung Gear Fit is a worthy pick and a deserving technological device. And giving a freedom of expression, swapping out the straps is also possible.

Samsung has been one of the top innovating multinational organizations and its products are awaited anxiously by the technological community. This new flirting with health gadgets might be another good reason for recognizing the brilliance of a commendable experimentation which is much required to monitor health data and to keep the end user updated.

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