Luis Suarez and the Biting Episode

He is one of the most talented footballers and his sporting skills can be envied by the finest exponents of the game. He is considered by a sizable mass of people as a living legend and his dribbling techniques are trademark of an undisputed champion of the game. With his mere presence, his reputation speaks in the motivation of his teammates and the cautious approach of his opponents. His charming and equally thrilling adaptation in severe conditions has won the hearts of even the most severe judges and critics of the game. When he is such a fantastic genius and a real treat to watch in his full flair, then the big question is why on earth would a master class like Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz be biting players live during football matches?

Despite the controversial biting episode which has costed him so dearly and which has wreaked nothing less than havoc on his unflagging fans, are there still not several football enthusiasts who are questioning the quantum of his punishment? Where else can such a contrasting set of opinions be witnessed but in the buzzing and enchanting arena of the beautiful game. On one hand his stands tall in the league of geniuses like Messi and Ronaldo and on the other hand, such issues are making many of his followers lose heart. Those who opine in favor of preserving the decency and demeanor expected in a fair contest, are criticizing the player in ways they think he deserves.

Having said all that, it cannot be contested that football is a unique game where emotions run high. Mental and physical traits can often get overlapped by the emotional ones. Add to all this the fact that the player in question is one of the most brilliant stars that this game has ever seen. He is someone who has left a cherished impression not only on teams but also on the leagues in which he has played. We are talking of someone who has scored more than a hundred goals in the Dutch league and who had taken the famed Ajax team to great heights when he was playing for it. He is the highest scorer for his country Uruguay and his inclusion in Liverpool has brought tremendous success to them in the EPL.

We stand in the presence of a player whose career has seen immense success and who is regarded by many as a selfless forward who has been striving to bring success to his team. However, at the same time controversies have often walked alongside him. Although there can be various sorts of opinion on the man, at last it is only for a player to decide as to how he chooses to leave his legacy - as a great entertainer or as someone whose glimmer faded away in the mist of controversies? Those who thoroughly adore this talent from Uruguay are heart broken by the sudden turn of events resulting in his ouster from the ongoing football mega event. A whole lot of people will still be waiting to see how he performs when he makes a comeback after having served the ban which has been imposed on him. 


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