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Advertising is considered as one of the most commonly used means for monetizing of sites and blogs. However, if you are not very comfortable with the banner ads and the rather invasive and annoying pop ups, a platform known as Plavid offers the much required dose of respite as a non-intrusive alternative. Video campaigns of international brands are available to integrate as an option to choose.
Plavid: What is it after all?
Having been founded about four years ago, Plavid is from a trusted brand called Moisaicoon which makes a decent impression in the production of video clips. It is designed to be shared on blogs, websites as well as on social networking sites. Seemingly with the kind of promise it holds, Plavid seeks to become a viral media advertising-based platform and a video content brand.

The concept is particularly useful for professional bloggers being briefly explained and detailed here:
At the advertiser end, the video campaign is given to a wide international network of publishers as in blogs and websites.
At the blogger end, you have given access to the viral video content like advertising and movie trailers to integrate on your blog with.

Plavid already has in its kitty, about eighty-four brands and four thousand publishers and two hundred recorded video campaigns, only in the last six months. It had as many as fifteen million views in the last year itself. Plavid is now available in Italian and English languages, but intends to make inroads into other markets as well. We can expect new language versions in the coming months. So from the outset, it is quite possible soon that campaign in other languages will also be available.

A few more interesting solutions are also being designed for the publishers. This encompasses the probable launching of new video formats.

The services offered are:


This means the publication of videos can be done on websites and blogs. You can choose active campaigns for yourself from the platform and share them your site. You will be earning money, every time a user chooses to view the embedded video advertisement. You can decide and state the location and appearance of the video on your blog so as to enhance the outcome and optimize the cost per click.

Promotion and sharing on social networks

Your income opportunities are can be enhanced distinctively, if you are opting to promote the campaign video by using the social networking sites. To do this, simply log into your account and use the Plavid sharing buttons, which include a personalized affiliate link on them.

Writing sponsored articles

Finally what holds much promise it that you can boost your income by penning down notes on the products and services from leading brands. This will interest your audience remarkably.


You are paid at Cost per Click for the service when you are simply going with video seeding and sharing on social networks. A fixed rate however applies to the sponsored articles. For finding the amount that was earned by you, just go and verify your account to check your earnings. You can also analyze your real time earning statistics. You can receive your payments whenever you want, which is quite fascinating and motivational. This new means of earning is especially great news for bloggers. There is absolutely no need to wait for several months before reaching a threshold on predefined payment which is due to be paid. The money can be received through PayPal very quickly. There is however, a small disadvantage as the blogger bears the cash transfer fees.

Process for registering

Joining Plavid provides the opportunity to go with an expanding network which works with major international brands. Registration is simple and free.

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