Heartbreak for Argentina in samba land: What Next

Heartbreak for Argentina
It was a dream for millions of Argentines and aspiration of countless supporters of the great South American footballing nation to regain the coveted trophy in the land of samba and soccer. They have been keenly awaiting this ever since the great Maradona inspired and dazzled the world with his astonishing brilliance and brought home the glories from the FIFA World Cup of nineteen eighty six. These past three decades have seen myriads of Argentine hearts throbbing to recapture the biggest prize that the game knows. And what a day this could have been, had it not been for that dreaded goal by the outstanding German striker Mario Gotze. Even their favorite son Sergio Romero could not save the day for the Latin Americans as the short and stout German pummel the ball into the Argentine goalpost. Tears rolled down the cheeks of thousands of Messi lovers who were so sure this day that their Messiah will make it count on this massive occasion. 

But does every prayer get answered or does every errand meet its end? It was to be heartbreak this time and a country which is known for its intense passion for the beautiful game will have to wait for another four years to achieve what is craves to obtain. The Maracana stadium was bustling with frenzy and emotions were running high as the sun was setting and it became so scenic when the nearby statue of Christ the Redeemer started gleaming in artificial light. The suave and courteous looking Argentine manager Alejandro Sabella had prepared his team well to face the ruthless German attack which became evident in their balanced style of play. In the initial moments of the first half of the game, the Argentine forward Gonzalo Higuain missed a lucky chance of scoring. But things started looking insipid for their fans when Messi himself later missed what can be termed as a convertible scoring chance for someone of his caliber. But the Germans were playing like a disciplined brigade and their counter-attacks we causing flutter among their opposition. It was looking certain that they were resolute in giving Mirosav Klose a fitting farewell as they were constantly firing on all cylinders and making every moment count. When the match went into extra time, the European team came out with all guns blazing and made it tough for the South Americans.

Although this has brought much sorrow upon the fans and followers of Argentine football team, this is not the end of the world for a country that has produced such spectacular stars and whose style of playing bears trademark of artistry. Time can heal many wounds and restore lost faith and vigor. The land of Maradona and Messi is a stupendous sporting nation. As for the German side, they had entered the contest as favorites and must be appreciated for the fabulous display for agility and camaraderie at the right place and time. They had also been patiently waiting to win their fourth world cup since they did it with the mighty Franz Beckenbauer as their manager in 1990. And what a day this was for Gotze! This one goal that he has scored today is worth tons of valuables and will be remember for a very long time by the both the Germans as well as the Argentines.