Is LeBron James the Best Basketball Player of the Decade

He is often considered a precocious talent and the pride of American basketball. LeBron James has gone on to become the youngest basketball player in the history of NBA to make it to the magic number of 20,000 points. At a young age of twenty eight years and seventeen days, the famed Miami Heat winger had achieved this marvelous feat with the win against Oakland, California based Golden State Warriors. When the final scorecard read 92-75, the tall and dusky champion player had reached an important milestone in his star studded career. Displaying his superb artistry, the champ scored dazzling twenty five points and created an impact that he is famously known for. As he went on to reach a mind boggling juncture in that match, LeBron shattered the record held by Kobe Bryant, who was twenty nine years and a hundred and twenty two days when he reached there.

With ten assists in that game, the former Cleveland legend was an absolute joy to watch. Several months past reaching this landmark, his popularity is increasing along with his consistency on the court. James currently possesses a grand total of four MVP titles, which has taken his popularity to sky-scraping heights. Many consider the legendary has the opportunity to topple several other records. The class act has grown his stature with a total of five thousand plus assists.

LeBron James is the Messi of basketball and is now also the youngest person to win the title of rookie of the year. Just as Messi's supreme football skills make him one of the greatest, so does the nimbleness and artistry of James convincingly make him a real chap on a basketball court. He had completed a triple double and later won the famed All-Star MVP. The Miami great certainly continues to impress with his unparalleled agility and unprecedented precocity. The longer this pattern continues, the better it should be to the world of basketball.

What remains debatable is whether in the light of so many accomplishments the master should be considered the greatest player of the decade. There are areas where Kobe Bryant’s record beats his. With five national title wins for Lakers, in which the Kobe has been instrumental, he definitely has the upper hand in contest. Comparing by this yardstick, it would be a tall ask for the Miami ace to be counted as the all time greatest because a great man called Bill Russell has the unique distinction of winning as many as eleven nationals between 1956 and 1969. However at the current moment, could James be considered a better bet than Kobe since the latter already is in his mid thirties? Add to that the injury woes that have been troubling him of late.

For matching the glory and accomplishments of Bryant and the retired genius Michael Johnson, who have won five and six NBA titles each, James would have been chalking out his strategy to improve his titles tally further. Having won a couple of NBA titles already, he is currently an unrestricted free agent along with the other two tall figures in Heat, namely Bosh and Wade. The observers and enthusiasts are keenly following the turn of events and it would be interesting to see if the famed trio who decide to continue with the South Florida team. Whatever is the outcome, what remains certain is that future of basketball looks great in the presence of the amazing performers like LeBron James.