Is it time to forsake Windows XP

Time to Quit Windows XP?
If you are still using Windows XP, are you seen as just the right target of brute force attacks and malicious malware? Probably at some time in the future, other operating systems with outdated support might also be targeted in a similar fashion. The malware programmers primarily look for the weakest links and pick easy targets. At the same time, end of support on Windows XP does not necessarily imply that your systems will go haywire. If new bugs start affecting XP however, you might be left all to yourself to come out of the situation. There are as many computers which do still use Windows XP. Cyber criminals keep targeting vulnerabilities in operating systems to exploit those and the current turn of events is possibly leaving you more defenseless. The exploitation of loop holes in Windows XP might take a steep increase, now that there is no support available. The end user are getting worried on whether their computers are going to be affected by viruses in a shady zone post this discontinuation of support.  

As a matter of fact, a few experts are openly voicing their opinions and echoing concern. Some are of the view that if your Windows XP system eventually gets infected, the cost to rectify the issue might be much higher. Should it now be recommended that users start abandoning Windows XP? Even if this results in turning off your system and not using it until you have a new OS installed on it, this seems to be a better option. In that case XP might be considered good only for independent operations while remaining disconnected from the web. Yet, some users may be having older peripheral devices and legacy software which they cannot upgrade due to the product line having been dismantled. The best approach in the meanwhile is to use XP systems for offline activities only. Back up your data using some external drive or disk, and start looking seriously for an alternative set of tools and applications.

Bidding adieu to an OS technology and getting acclimatized to a new one is often a challenging affair. If one intends to upgrade to Windows 7, the learning curve might not be a very challenging job. However if one adopts Windows 8 right away, it could take more serous efforts from the end user in order to learn a new set of things. Application compatibility would also be an area of concern. 

Companies are doing well nowadays and reaping benefits from the stability and excellent inter-operability provided by Windows 7. Although this hugely depends on your level of technological expertise, sticking with Windows has its own benefits. This might reduce compatibility issues and upgrade skills. What is certain is that you will not be left to your fate if you choose to migrate from XP to Windows 7. Could it be well advised then, to start smoothly and slowly on Windows 8 and use it on non-essential systems for non-critical tasks? Familiarize yourself with this operating system at your own pace to be in good stead by the time Microsoft ends support to Windows 7 or when you need an application which is solely available in Windows 8.


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