Top Reasons and Features that make Windows Phone truly Appealing

It was only when I got to try my friend's phone which impressed me so thoroughly, that I was compelled to ask him if it another android OS based gadget which we have got so used to. This Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet rather turned out to be a Windows 8.1 operating system with 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z3740D quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB. Man! I was awe really amazed at the features and before I could utter any word by friend pointed out the cost which was far cheaper than I would have expected for a phone laden with such exciting features. Microsoft has always been known for finesse and cosmetics which it has ingrained on it tabs and phones so beautifully. Another day, when I got a chance of stopping by a shop, I inquired about this tab but came to know that it was out of stock. So, instead I got to evaluate another comparatively cheaper version of a Dell MS tab, which is called Dell Venue 8 Tablet. Its was cost nearly half the rate of the Pro version and I was taken aback by the astounding pricing again.

I must confess that am a late entrant into the avenues of gadgets but my metamorphosis into a gizmo lover has been quick and mercurial. And there is not harm in admitting that gadget news serves as chicken soup for my soul. I have been quick to realized that Microsoft is proving out to be a game changer in the phones and tabs bracket. Ever since Microsoft came up with its Windows Phone 8 a couple of years ago, the smartphone platform of the multi-billion dollar company has increased and the resulting effect on its market share is notable and conspicuous. With refreshed vigor, it is now reaching a larger consumer base on a global scale. 
Possibly calling this a paradigm shift would be an exaggeration but the result is quite evident and for everyone to witness. A major part of this rise in sales can be rightly attributed to affordable gadgets like Nokia Lumia 520 which are delivering exciting results across emerging gadget markets. Hence, it should not be taking you aback when such markets figure extensively in the list of the largest Windows Phone sellers. An overwhelming numbers of users however, are expectedly from the United States but the other growing economies like India, China and Brazil can boast of having a sizable user base as well, as these innovative devices are making much sense and appeal in these environments.

If you are one of those Windows Phone lovers, then you might well be appreciating as to how thoroughly exciting a journey the last couple of years have been with these gizmos. If iOS has icons, Android has widgets, Windows Phone has live tiles. Live tiles are unique and take customization and flexibility to a new scale. Your home screen becomes a rich resource in itself allowing you to reach photographs of your contacts, emails residing in your inbox and shows available over the iPlayer. The upcoming appointments and eBooks are all at your disposal. The version 8.1 further augments the capability to add wallpapers that gel into live tiles. Microsoft has come up with a digital assistant called Cortana which can be likened to Google Now and Apple Siri. It covers a full dimension of stuff including scheduling of appointments, keeping a tab on flight schedule and providing direction support. As if that were not enough, it keeps on learning things as you spend time with it. Cortana is a new feather in the cap for the WP devices.

Although it can debated, whether one should attribute it to the engineering skills from Nokia or to WP technology, it is a fact that Lumia gadgets capture breath-taking and awe inspiring pictures. Add to this the flavor of the Nokia Pro Cam application, and you get closer to getting convinced that the Windows Phone will not make you settle for lack-lusture snaps from a mobile device. As if those were not enough servings on the platter, other latest features in WP version 8.1 like the Battery Saver and Wi-Fi Sense application support you big time in deriving more value from your gadget by connect to open networks with more ease.

Apart from these you can access your Outlook based emails items as well as MS Office documents even over platforms that do not from Microsoft. Microsoft has already made a lasting mark on the application sphere and hence, if WP mobile OS is but a only an obvious choice. Office is also available on the iPad these days, however when the need is pressing and you need an immediate access to your word documents, Windows Phone make sense. However, does it still need to crack the code on tablet market? Despite a few odds, it is a fact that remarkable inroads are being made in the smart phone segment. And if you take interest in Windows Phone programming, well brush up you existing C# and dot Net and if trends are proof of what we are witnessing, Windows Phone can be an exciting opportunity for you.


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