Top Three Killer SEO tricks for YouTube videos

As the popularity of YouTube is continuously on the rise, the technical SEO for YouTube videos is a topic worth discussing and holds certain significance. We open an interesting chapter in the enthralling realm of SEO on digital videos, which for a reasonable stretch of time, are making substantial information globally available. Initially let us focus our efforts on optimizing videos to obtain organic traffic on the targeted YouTube channel. Some beginners initially develop the notion that marketing with videos is something out of this world. Several do talk about viral videos that mystically transform themselves into a cult. Videos from famous figures like Eminem, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez startle us with the gigantic number of hits that they attract.

But what if you are not a celebrity and still want to attract visitors to your YouTube channel, and then make these visits go from YouTube to your blog where you can use monetizing methods like video marketing. This qualifies as an interesting question and we shall together try and get an answers for it. Best practices followed for SEO for YouTube videos can lead to higher number of hits and can support in increasing the monitory benefits and increase in popularity with targeted audience.O for YouTube videos are:

Your content needs to be of admirable quality and should inspire interest. That is the most basic of requirements and goes with the popular notion that content is of paramount importance. Whatever be the kind of efforts you are making on other aspects, whenever users get to your YouTube channel, and find that the videos are unimpressive they are gone for good. Also, your videos should be appropriately and prudently labeled. Apart from these, the metadata which are text information describing the video should be wisely written. Additionally, social media should be used in a sensible way so that the right audience for the content can start appreciating it. You must use tactics of promotion and / or advertising of your videos.
If I had to put a weight to each of these pillars I would give the following breakdown:

Social Media

1 – Contents and making these enticing and audience inducing.

The foremost factor is making the videos attractive enough to magnetize the crowd towards them. No one expects you to creative like a Spielberg but at least try make a sincere effort in leaving a mark on the end users.

The best option is to make videos on topics like:

a) Top Ten Recommendations.
b) ‘How to’ Videos for solving issues and providing your unique perspective on them.

 . These can be based on preparation of topics of interest, perhaps based on queries that you have done for eventually pulling your targeted audience. If you are have already started working on your YouTube channel, analyze your stats, and try to get an insight by identifying the videos that are successful. Shorter videos are considered better. The shorter the videos the better they are, because people tend to lose interest after about a couple of minutes. Also, while making videos, it is very important that you make your content on evergreen topics instead of those, which people will consider irrelevant after a short span of time. Do not be sophistic and present you videos in a friendly tone and tenor.  It is suggested to speak the language of the people and tone should be conversational and casual.

2 - Meta data: Optimize the metadata for YouTube

If you want to make your content to reach its intended audience then metadata is of utmost significance. It is generally recognized that a good blend of infectious metadata and captions, can provide your video with a high search engine placement and reach a sizable number of users. It may not necessarily guarantee a billion views, but it can very well provide your content some visibility over the web. The metadata for your video can be your title, description or tags and despite that a rookie might not give much relevance to it, the effect of it is often wonderful. Whenever you produce a YouTube video or for that matter, any other online media content without any description or a poorly selected title without any caption, you might well be forsaking a priced opportunity. Putting in some extra effort to append metadata to your content can result in considerable search engine benefits.

3 –  Social Media utilization for Deeper User Penetration

Taking advantage of the efficacy of the online social networking sites can be used to promote your videos. Your prowess and proficiency with social media can do you a world of good and by actively using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you can make your videos known among your friends and followers. So be sure to that you have an online presence for your invested efforts on these sites, and then use that valued presence to effectively promote your videos.


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