Top 10 Killer Tips and Tricks for SEO in 2015

Top Tips and Tricks for SEO in 2015
We have already spent a good part of 2015 analyzing the better-known approaches for great SEO at our blog. Now it is high time that we formally consolidate all the tips and tricks in one place. We shall discuss here, the best practices that can be adopted for securing better positioned in the SERP with top search engines like Google, Bing or Ask. We will be ascertaining methods for working with SEO to get fantastic results. So, let us finally summarize the top 10 tips for your SEO worth paying attention to in the year 2015. As you peruse  through these, you shall be having an insight of how SEO stands currently and a few concurrent measures useful for keeping pace with some changing equations.

Maintain a blog alongside your website and frequently update your web assets. If your site content remains static, expand your blog based editorial and thereby reap the benefits. Having a quality professional blog apart from your website is a proven trophy for good SEO. Search Engines appreciates such measures in 2015 and relish regularly updated original content. As you write to-the-point blog posts, your site SEO gets enhanced and improved with the new surge of related content and keywords that flood your site regularly. Search Engines smile upon you and bless you with relevant traffic volume getting directed right towards your site.

Are you recently running short of those fillips of inspiration? For weeks together running without any blog posts, you can just go for enriching and lengthening your initial content of pages out. These routine updates will be well appreciated by the search engines crawlers. Such tangible steps will go on to improve your site SEO. Hence, regular enrichment and nourishment of website will contribute towards greater digital presence in the light of changing definition.

Use your intellect and imagination along with available digital tools and techniques optimally. Be on the front post while assessing what is best for your company or site. Irrespective of whether your offers pertain to financial services, sports equipment or selling bonds, it is imperative that you remain sharp and commitment in your field. The web tools which are available for this are quite a few like Facebook, Twitter, Digg or other social media based tools. You can even go further exploiting this work by identifying topics based current digital trends. You can use be using Google Trends for this purpose. As you go on writing and churning out content on your related field, you also grow your knowledge by exploring the subject rejoicing this very process as well. Plan and execute smartly so that your blog and your website work in prudent synchronization in order to take your web-based presence to newer heights.

Optimize your site for mobile and make it accessible to the huge mass of audience. It has become  a commonplace advice which you are likely to be getting from every other guy you turn to! As if this suggestion could be put into practice in a matter of only a few minutes. Believe me, things are a lot more complicated than that. However, it is advised not to underestimate this recommendation either. In the first place, the use of mobile confirms technological advancement. Apart from this, this will equally enhance the goodwill of the site. Using a responsive design which can adjust with different screen configuration is a good option to avail of, while planning to establish a parallel mobile presence for your website. Elsewise, if you are coding on a platform like Wordpress, you can  choose to install a plugin like Jetpack or WP Touch to make you site available over a mobile platform. Apart from this, digital places like can help creating useful and eye-catching mobile sites of your choice and liking. Herein, you can use DudaOne for creating responsive web sites which can render beautifully on desktops, tablets or smartphones alike.

Follow your indicators: optimizing, that's good. But it is still necessary to know what makes your work. Visits, acquisition, keywords and pages referenced ... all these statistics are obtained and improve the price of a regular monitoring enabled by two tools: Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. When installed, they turn out to be a gold mine for any professional in charge of a professional blog or site.

This could be the summary of the Google SEO philosopher of recent years: think of your users before the search engines. The relevance, quality and the link to the news should be the keywords of your articles before SEO. Want to work a particular keyword through your blog? Ask yourself the question: does it interest your readers? Because nothing is more frustrating than a low CTR, strong bounce rate and time spent on the page insignificant for an article that you would two days to write.

There is a brilliant saying which can be guiding light for us bloggers and content writers -"Write for your readers, not Search Engine".
Leverage Social Media
Leverage Social Media

Engage using social networks that work for you. It could any one of them or even a cluster that you pick as your social media buddies. Be those Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Tumblr or ScoopIt. Advises come in from almost everyone to make maximum use of social networks. But how many of us are able to really find the optimal formula for our business model? and for good reason: every field of activity is a truth. Go for rigorous testing and thereafter optimizing in order to draw your own conclusions. The popular professional networks like Viadeo or LinkedIn may suit your need better if you are positioned on the Business to Business level interactions. YouTube videos can also win you manny followers. If your area of activity relates to hobbies or beauty treatment, this formula may work wonders for you. It is best not to hold back but to right away position yourself on different networks. Thereon, watch and see which strategy works best for you. Also define your decision based on your editorial choices. When Facebook lends itself more to leisure, Business to Consumer model may flourish with a social media like Twitter.

When you are making a query on a search engine, see how most of those return a mix of content types. It returns sites, videos, ppt repositories, blogs as well as presentation file stores. Making good videos can be immensely useful. Keep in mind that YouTube is a very powerful search engine and for better SEO results Video Marketing using YouTube should not be left out if you are seeking to leave a mark with your digital content. The photos, graphics or tutorials can also help you stand out as well. Remember that visual imprints make a lasting mark on one's psyche. Thus, images should be used amply and judiciously to give a vibrant color to your digital assets. 

PageRank holds great significance as far as SEO is considered. Every page is ranked and is weighed against its competitors as per algorithms available with search engines. Keyword research thus stands out a one of the key differentiators. There are several keyword research tools available and to name a couple of important ones, we have Traffic Travis and Market Samurai. Try getting your feet wet and you will start getting a whole lot of benefits out of it. Ubersuggest is another fabulous tool for getting marvelous keyword ideas. 

Play to the local needs and aspirations. Local SEO is probably gaining more and more of relevance every passing day. A pizza store in your vicinity will get its consumers from the near locality and a car outlet will get most of its customers from areas in its proximity. Therefore, businesses and entities are not wrong in concentrating their efforts in the digital space as per such observations. And search engines can only be judicious in backing such valid and worthwhile observations. If you are in the year 2015, hope you do not fall short of taking notice of this and its resulting impact on SEO.

Apart from these, make full use of traditional techniques like press releases, directory submissions, article marketing, launches. As SEO is making all those smart moves in proving its real worth and efficiency in this ever evolving world of today, be on regular vigil and do not remain left far from this world of changing digital realities.


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