Awesome Basics and Important Charasteristics of Android Technology

Android Technology

Basics of Android

The term "Android" represents an open source technology which was built in order to cater to a huge range of devices. It offers a brimming reservoir of mobile applications to end users. Android OS is designed and built upon Linux kernel. Apart from these, Android is known to be utilizing a customized virtual digital machine which is adept in optimally utilizing memory and hardware resources. Android is suitably designed to accommodate evolving technological assets and acclimatizes to new trends and patterns. Android as a technology evolves and extends itself matching the needs and aspirations of changing times. 

Details of Android Technology

One of the most important aspects of Android technology is that it does not differentiate between the core applications of a phone and the third party applications. This is a startling and delighting thing for the end users who can thereby use a whole milieu of native applications. So, this implies that users can easily change a lot of settings and properties of their phones. A user can change wallpaper, tunes, cosmetics, image viewer and scores of properties on his phone. 

Android can even connect your friend's geographic location to your phone, using which you can even be prompted, whenever your friend is in a close vicinity, maybe somewhere in your neighborhood! You can even connect with your friends and together play group games using Android phones. Using a similar concept, you can also create rich peer-to-peer applications for social connectivity and for mutually receiving status updates.

Android does not use the standard Java SDK which is used for desktop-based applications. On the contrary, Android has its own SDK which varies distinctly from its elder sibling i.e. Java SDK. Android SDK is a meticulously written set of programs which face greater challenges as compared to Java SDK. It has CPU with lesser speed and smaller RAM size to work with. Also, Android SDK needs to look into prioritizing of tasks; a phone call carries foremost importance and running any other application automatically assumes secondary importance. This also points towards the fact that developers should code smartly, taking into cognizance the fact such priorities. 

Another important aspect is battery life. Efficient application development by Android app developers can ensure optimum battery utilization. Too much of load on resources can minimize battery life which can lead to unsatisfied customers. Android SDK automates processes leading to lesser consumption of the battery.

Product Suite and Versions

Android phones come with functions like Accelerometer, Global Positioning Satelite system, Microphone and Speaker. Android contains a whole dimension of offering like:
  • Operating System
  • Key Applications like 
    • Calender
    • Address book
    • Messaging Application
and, a whole retinue of additional APIs, which contribute towards making application development on Android, a case of absolute joy and fun.

Android offerings have unique names that are given to them as new releases come up:
  • Android 1.0: First Android Release; no platform highlights were prepared to this release
    • Had API level 1.
  • Android 1.1: Was called Petit Four internally, although this name was not used internally.
    • Had API level 2.
  • Android 1.5: Was called Cupcake.
    • Had API level 3.
  • Android 1.6: Was called Donut.
    • Had API level 4.
  • Android 2.1: Was called Eclair.
    • Had API level 7.
  • Android 2.2:  Was called FroYo.
    •  Had API level 8
  • Android 2.3: Was called Gingerbread.
    • Had API level 10
  • Android 3.0: Was called Honeycomb.
    • Had API level 12 & 13.
  • Android 4.0: Was called Icecream Sandwich.
    • Had API level 14.
  • Android 4.2: Was called Jelly Bean.
    • API Level 18.
  • Android 4.4: Called KitKat.
    • API level 20.

Android is a fast paced and high-quality product which is matching up to its expectation. Since every new version is awaited eagerly, the upcoming version can bring delight and fulfill millions of aspirations.