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About Blogger:

Mamta is a blogger by choice and takes zealous interest in technical writing and evangelism. As an information worker, she ardently follows the trends and patterns that pave the way in the composing of effective articles and contents. She appreciates blogging and technical writing as her pet activities. The overriding reason for her adoption of blogging is that she believes in the fact that working diligently on what one intensely likes can often yield wonderful results. Apart from blogging, her favorite pastime is cooking Indian and Chinese dishes and watching  movies.

About Blog:

The blog newsything.com is targeted towards enhancing an awareness for technology, blogging, SEO and business as well as the various means and measures which can be used in popularizing blogs and its contents. At newsything.com, we discuss the basic aspects and dimensions specific to the trending topics which capture the imagination of avid readers. We also deliberate about the comparatively elaborate topics like mobile applications, understanding business, startup blogging along several relevant concepts that can prove handy to the experienced information workers and the inquisitive professional technology community alike.

Although this blog is reasonably dynamic in its substance and approach, the primary focus areas specific to social media, online marketing and current affairs. Having said that, it needs to be pointed out that the quality of content and choice of topics which are selected are meant to keep its users interested, and serve them with the best available information and trends.


The blog newsything.com is designed with intent to propagate a cheery and lively environment over the web. Devoted blogging as an activity often needs certain discipline and dedication which can be difficult to maintain without self motivation. Despite the fact that the technical precepts that largely constitute this blog can generally be straight forward at times, there is a conscious inclusion of talking points across several posts which seeks to keep its readers motivated and involved.

Newsy Things?

Why do we call this blog newsything.com? Well the simple reason is that it seeks to serve on the platter, fresh baked newsy stuff pertaining to business, web, gadgets and blogging. Be assured that bona fide efforts are being invested for presenting the best in class content which seeks to go beyond creating a general professional awareness on a variety of subjects. Here, you are certain of being served newsy things...